Code of Conduct

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1. In general

The purpose of the Code of Conduct document is to establish a set of common principles and a Code of Conduct that apply to all employees and contracted labour at Austevoll Seafood ASA and subsidiaries, referred to in total hereinafter as AUSS.

The Code of Conduct is based on conventions adopted by the UN and the International Labour - Organization, ILO.

All managers are responsible for ensuring that all employees are familiar with laws, regulations, guidelines and frameworks. This also includes facilitating anonymous whistleblowing ref. part I item no. 5 in this document.

The individual employee is responsible for ensuring they understand AUSS's Code of Conduct. This includes, as a minimum, developing a fundamental understanding of the requirements made in the Code of Conduct and an in-depth understanding of the parts of the Code of Conduct that are particularly relevant for the individual employee’s position.

Moreover, the individual employee must address concerns and queries regarding the company's Code of Conduct or possible breaches of the Code. The individual employee must be familiar with the different channels via which he/she can address possible breaches. 


Managers at all levels are assigned responsibility for acting as role models and ensuring that the employees understand and comply with the Code of Conduct. Managers and employees shall understand that business results are never more important than compliance with the company's Code of Conduct. The management must identify the possible risk of breaches of the company's Code of Conduct and take action to minimise such risk. In the event of a breach of the Code of Conduct, the individual manager must act quickly to resolve the detected breach and follow up on this with appropriate disciplinary reactions and correct reporting. 

The individual employee is obliged to remain up-to-date of amendments to the Group's Code of Conduct. The most recent version is always available on the Group's website: 

As an employee of AUSS, you must comply with prevailing laws and regulations and carry out your duties in accordance with the requirements and standards which apply in AUSS.

Employees shall behave in a manner which displays social consciousness and professionalism, and shall show respect for colleagues and other partners. 

A breach of the regulations will result in consequences for the employee. Relevant sanctions may be verbal or written warnings and curtailment of prevailing authorisations. Serious breaches of the regulations may result in discharge or dismissal.


A breach of the regulations regarding corruption or trading in influence may also result in
criminal liability both for the company and the employee.



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