Farming. Processing. Distribution.


Our salmon is farmed in the clear and cold waters along the Norwegian coast. The quality and value of our salmon depends on maintaining a healthy salmon population and protecting the environment.

Along the coast of Western and Northern Norway, Atlantic salmon and trout are farmed in a number of locations spanning from the North Sea to the Barents Sea. Through our subsidiaries, Lerøy Seafood Group ASA and Birkeland Farming AS, we are among the largest salmon and trout producers in the world. In addition to salmon farming, the group operates brood stock and smolt production on land.


Production of salmon and trout takes place in carefully selected locations in sea water. Production is monitored in individual cages, where cameras and sensors ensure optimal feed and control to ensure optimum growth, fish health and to minimize impact on the environment.


Lerøy Salmon Group ASA was the first fish farming corporation worldwide to gain Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification for the entire value chain, from production to consumer. 



Our salmon is processed in modern facilities, both close to farming locations in Norway and markets in Europe. These facilities continue the focus on quality and value, effectively using the raw materials and producing market-ready products.

Through our ownership in Lerøy Seafood Group ASA, we have facilities for full-range production, from whole gutted salmon to processed products within all categories. 


Specialised boats are used to transport fully grown live salmon from farms to the production facility. The salmon are slaughtered in specialised fish-processing plants. Though most salmon are sold as processed whole salmon, depending on market demand, the salmon and trout can be further processed into fillets, smoked products and other table-ready products.


Production facilities are located close to our markets, including in Norway, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey and the UK.



Salmon has a true global market, and so is the sales and distribution network. Our salmon is distributed throughout the world, with sales offices on most continents and with customers in more than 70 countries.

Through Lerøy Seafood Group ASA, we distribute salmon and trout globally. Sales offices are located in a number of countries in Sweden, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Japan, China and USA. In addition to international sales and marketing, we are engaged in nation-wide distribution of fresh fish, table-ready products and other seafood products in the Norwegian consumer market.

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