Fishing. Processing. Distribution.


We operate in three of the world’s richest waters - Chile, Norway and Peru. Our pelagic raw materials are fished in highly regulated, quota-based regions. Operating in these regions ensures the sustainable management of raw materials, our workforce and local communities. 


As a globally integrated pelagic company, the fishing is the primary step in our value chain. We employ sophisticated fishing technologies and responsible fishing strategies that harvest the oceans’ resources without compromising the core pillars of sustainability. 



Strategically placed around the North Sea and the Pacific coast of South America, we process pelagic fish in modern facilities.


Raw materials are landed by fishing vessels at our processing facilities. Depending on the region, the majority of the raw materials are either used to produce fishmeal and fish oil, or products for human consumption like fillets, canned fish and whole round frozen fish.


Fishmeal and fish oil is a process that takes advantage of the production waste, i.e. off-cuts from human consumption pelagic fish, resulting in a high utilisation of the raw material. 


Our goal is to add value to the company by both maximising the use of the raw material by eliminating wastage, and in providing high quality products. Facilities are coordinated, complimentary and have the flexibility to adjust production depending on resources and market demand.



Our pelagic products are distributed worldwide.


Through our subsidiaries, direct human consumption (DHC) products, such as frozen and canned products, are sold to producers and directly to consumer markets globally. Indirect human consumption (IHC) products, such as fishmeal and fish oil, are sold directly to feed producers or on the commodity market.

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